4 foods that are the absolute worst for people with oily skin

When it comes to oily skin care, we hardly look outside of creams and cleansers. But turns out, what you eat can make your skin clear or extremely oily.

What’s on your plate can also be on your skin. Yes, we aren’t kidding as food can be another villain for your beautiful skin. Because guess what? The food you eat can give you major acne.

Here are some foods that can make your skin oily

Basically what we eat has an impact on our overall health, then may it be our heart or skin. If we eat healthy our skin will also glow, as healthy food means fewer toxins in our body.  

According to Dr Radha Gongati, senior consultant, dermatologist, venereology, and leprosy at Apollo Telehealth, if you already have oily skin then eating foods that have a high glycemic index (GI), i.e. high in carbs and fat thus affecting our blood glucose levels, can make your skin worse. Also, certain foods amp up the production of sebum in the skin which produces more oil than your skin required for nourishment.  

Do you know a study that says that if you eat a nutritious diet then you can also treat the worst kind of zits called acne vulgaris? That’s why today we are asking you to boycott these four foods to save your skin from excess oiliness and it’s after-effects:

1. Milk or dairy products
‘Dairy milk products is something that you must avoid if you want to prevent oily skin-related problems. But if you love your cuppa of milk then you can still opt for low-calorie milk options like soya or almond. But still, I would say you should restrain from sweets as they won’t spare your skin,” she explains.

2. Chocolates
Chocolate is laden with sugar and this sugar leads to inflammation which directly impacts your skin by making it oily. “You can opt for dark chocolate instead, but in moderation like once in 15 days”, she suggests.

3. Junk and fried food
“We all love eating burgers and pizzas but we tend to forget that they ingredients like cheese, mayo, butter, and whatnot. This can increase the quantity of oil in our body and our skin won’t be able to support this extra dose. The result? Oily skin and acne”, Dr Gongati explains.

4. Red meat
Even if you love eating meat, please then don’t make it a daily occurrence in your diet as it is rich in animal fat. And now you know just how bad fat is for your skin.

“Apart from these, there is no concrete evidence about other food items that can make your skin oily. It also depends on person to person and skin type to skin type. The key when it comes to food is moderation. Just keep that in mind and you are good to go”, concludes Dr Gongati.

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