5 things Kareena Kapoor swears by for fabulous skin

Don’t we all love Bebo’s fresh and dewy skin? It’s time to reveal her big beauty secrets.

There’s really no doubt that Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo is one of the most beautiful actresses in tinsel town! Whether it’s a B-town party or a photoshoot, it’s hard to keep your eyes off this beauty. What stands out the most is her glowing skin that can even make girls go weak in their knees. No wonder, we find ourselves stalking her on Insta all the time, and that’s why we’ve got you a lowdown on some of her best-kept beauty secrets!

You too can get glowing skin, just like Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The best part is you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, because Bebo likes to keep it simple and basic. If you’ve been following her on Instagram, you must be well aware that this sultry siren often turns to her kitchen for the ultimate skin care solutions. Yes, from her face masks to serum, everything is natural and made from organic ingredients.

Here are the five things that Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by, when it comes to her illuminating skin:

1. She avoids makeup as much as possible
One look at Kareena, and you know she’s comfortable in her own skin. Her signature look is kohl-rimmed eyes and a layer of glossy lip balm: yes, that’s all! The glamorous diva has always been vocal about staying away from make-up, so that her skin can breathe as much as possible. In her interview with Grazia, she spilled the beans, “I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis or for movies that don’t require me to.”

2. Water is Kareena’s skin tonic
Well, this is one of the simplest hacks, but unfortunately, we don’t follow it seriously! But for Bebo, there’s nothing more important than water — yes, she calls it the ‘hydrating agent’ for her skin. In an interview with Femina, she shared, “There is nothing that comes even close to drinking four to six bottles of natural spring water. I call it a miracle drug, and it helps me keep my hair and skin hydrated, even when I’m tired from all my travels.”

So ladies, if you want glowing skin like Kareena, drink 8-10 glasses of water every single day!

Befriend water for glowing skin.

3. Desi diet and ghee are non-negotiable for Ms Khan
We all know how Kareena is a big fan of ghee; in fact, she has professed her love for it time and again! What’s more, this beauty follows no special diet, instead she sticks to regular chapati, rice, dal and green leafy vegetables. Of course, portion control matters a lot.

Try and include ghee in your diet, if you want clear and flawless skin like Kareena. It helps in enhancing the digestion of food, and also moisturizes your skin naturally.

4. Almond oil and Bebo are BFFs
Giving herself an almond oil massage from time to time is part of Kareena’s beauty regimen. Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, THE vitamin that your skin needs to glow like a diamond.

What’s more, almond oil helps in keeping your skin soft and supple. Use it on a regular basis and you’ll see a difference in no time!

Almond oil is all that you need for great skin and hair. 

5. Meet honey, Kareena’s secret for hydrated skin
If your skin always feels dry and flaky, then do exactly what Kareena Kapoor follows: massaging your face with honey! Dryness is caused if your body is dehydrated. For one, you can replenish your body by drinking fluids, but your skin requires some TLC too. Use honey to reduce blemishes and get glowing skin.

So lovely ladies, now that you have Bebo’s skin care routine, it’s time to follow these beauty hacks and flaunt your gorgeous skin!

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