Bad Bunny launches new shoes and they sell out in record time

The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny not only sets trends in music, but also in footwear fashion.

Bad Bunny launches new shoes on the market and they sell out in record time

A limited edition of the popular Crocs sandals - which glow in the dark and were promoted under the famous singer's brand - sold out in record time.

The Classic Clogs were available in green and white and sold out in no time. At least that is what the company indicated last noon on September 29 on its website, where a notice of "Bad Bunny Crocs Sold Out" appears. 

Screenshot of the online store

Its release turned out to be very successful and this is good news in the midst of the latest rumors surrounding Bad Bunny, because apparently the love story between the reggaeton and the Puerto Rican Gabriela Berlingeri is not going as well as it seemed.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri are on everyone's lips, after the statements of the urban interpreter “El Dominio”, assuring that Gabriela would have been unfaithful to the bad rabbit with him.

In an Instagram live that went viral, the ragman mentioned that there have been "several women from the reggaeton players," including Gabriela, who have been with him, which is why he has problems with Bad Bunny. In addition, on several occasions he has made inappropriate statements about his ex-partner, assuring that "he taught her everything she knows."

“It all started with a girl that I knew, that unfortunately I first met. And then the pana (Bad Bunny) meets her. There the corduroy fell in love and when he falls in love, he finds out everything, but he was already in love, "he said.

And he added: “On a birthday, I was in a boat and by chance there was corduroy. She was in videos dancing, but I didn't know anything. When the party is over I find out that El Conejo had called her, what was she doing there with Kaffir people ”.

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