Benefits of Petroleum Jelly You Don't Know About. Try it and discover the changes yourself

This petroleum derivative is rich in vitamin A and E, with a high moisturizing power that makes it ideal for your skin

The most recommended areas for its uses are lips, face, hands, feet, eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Petroleum jelly or also knowm as Vaseline have the ability to hydrate. It doesn’t have a moisturizing effect but produces an occlusive effect on the skin that prevents water loss and maintains its hydration.

Its vitamin E content helps the growth of eyelashes, increases their strength and thickness and prevents them falling out. This is similarly when applied to the eyebrows. For its application, you can help yourself with a swab lightly covered with petroleum jelly. Equally, its recommended for use on dry skin and to heal chapped lips.

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Improvement skin reactions such as itching or reddened areas. Also is good for hyperkeratosis or thickening of the outer layer of skin.

Vaseline serves as a protective layer against microorganisms and external agents. This is very useful in small wounds, such as cuts or scrapes, which can easily become infected.

Although it has great benefits, it must be remembered that it cannot be used for acne, sunburns and in people allergic to petroleum derivatives.

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