Essential oils for your beauty routine

Many people believe that essential oils only serve to make our home smell good, but they are really very useful in a large number of situations in our day to day life.

Essential oils for your beauty routine

Unlike vegetable oils, such as olive oil, essential oils are highly concentrated substances with a not at all oily texture that are used in small quantities and that, in general, cannot be used in food, since in High amounts and undiluted can be toxic.

Essentia l oils are highly concentrated

Essential oils are produced primarily through one of two methods: distillation or extraction (cold pressing). However, nowadays they can also be synthesized to obtain essential oils artificially and reduce production costs, thus meeting growing demand. 

Oils prevents the development of free radicals

Whether it's to reduce wrinkles, to do a relaxing massage, or to hydrate your skin, essential oils can help you look younger and more beautiful.

1. Lavender

Regenerates the skin; It is recommended for people with acne, wrinkles, burns or wounds.

2. Lemon

Prevents aging of the skin; prevents the development of free radicals that affect the cells of the dermis.

3. Roses

Stops premature aging

Stops premature aging, restores damaged capillaries, repairs acne marks and scars; gives a fresh look to the skin.

4. Rosehip

It stimulates the production of collagen, reduces wrinkles, improves scars, stretch marks and blemishes; works as a moisturizer after surgery, sunburn or sun exposure.

5. Tea tree

It works against acne by drying pimples; acts as a disinfectant on open wounds.

6. Sage

Makes skin soft and helps tighten pores; prevents the formation of expression lines.

Oils stimulates the production of collagen

7. Rosemary

It reduces dandruff and is ideal for treating dermatitis, acne, and swelling.

8. Argan

It fights wrinkles and blemishes, improves the appearance of stretch marks and is suitable for skin prone to the appearance of blackheads. Regenerates the skin after sunburn and helps strengthen nails.

9. Chamomile

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for those who suffer from dermatitis.

10. Geranium

It must be combined with other oils; prevents and treats cellulite; removes body odor.

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