Have puffy eyes? All you need is potato

Waking up with puffy eyes is rather common and it is easy to treat them. Drink sufficient water and use refrigerated slices of potatoes to get rid of the puffiness, suggest experts.

Dark circles plague everyone from movie stars to us lesser mortals. There are expensive creams, injectable fillers, and hundreds of home remedies to lighten dark under-eye circles, reduce eye bags, and make the eye area even-toned. But of all of them, there is one which works without fail for nearly everyone. Wondering what this wondrous remedy is? Why it’s the humble potato!

Potatoes are a miracle

There is a lot of information out there that says that potatoes are natural “bleaching” agents. But that’s not only far from the truth, but sort of the opposite of what they do. These research-free sources cite the enzyme catecholase as what lightens skin, when in reality, it stimulates melanin production upon reacting to oxygen.

For one thing, they contain vitamin C, which has famous skin brightening benefits. In addition to that, potatoes also contain vitamin K, the vitamin that cucumber peels are full of, which treats blood coagulation. This helps decrease the veinous, purple bruising in the under-eye area. Potatoes also contain vitamin B3, the deficiency of which causes dark circles--but that is more of a reason to eat potatoes, as it is absorbed well when consumed and not applied topically.

Last, but by far the most important, potatoes also contain niacin, a newly-famous yet effective skin-brightening agent which is known for treating even stubborn pigmentation like acne scars. For those who have dark circles caused by photo-ageing, this plays a big role in reducing pigmentation.

Also the coldness of a potato slice can help reduce swelling and inflammation under tired eyes by constricting blood vessels. Eye bags, bye bye!

How to make potato juice and apply potatoes on your dark circles

There are many ways of extracting potato juice and of applying potatoes on your under-eye area to combat dark circles. If you want to keep it simple, you can freeze a washed potato overnight, slice it in the morning, and apply the slices on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Some recommend rubbing the slices on the under-eye area gently to massage in the nutrients.

If you want to make potato juice for topical application over the course of a few days for chronic dark circles, it’s easy to do that too. First, peel a potato and grate it. Now, macerate the pulp to extract the juice by putting it on a muslin cloth and squeezing the liquid. Collect this in a jar and refrigerate. 

You can apply this by soaking a cotton ball in the juice and leaving it on your (closed) eyes, including the under-eye area, for 20 minutes.

You can also use slices

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