Learn how to keep your makeup tools always clean

To maintain clean and healthy skin we must keep the implements that we use to put on makeup clean

How to clean makeup sponges?

1. With soap and water

Apply the soap or scrub the sponge deeply, put it under the water (preferably warm water) and drip and rub gently. Repeat as many times as necessary. Preferably until the water runs clear and there are no traces of makeup

2. In the microwave

In a glass container, fill it with water and a little soap. Mix the soap solution.

Put the makeup sponges in the container, submerging completely.

Heat for a minute and then take out the makeup sponges from the microwave. Let it cool in the open air.

Wash it with plenty of water and let it air dry.


Once we have finished washing the sponges, we must drain them well, remove all moisture, even, if necessary, wringing them with a clean towel to put them then air dry.

Washing frequency

The ideal is to wash every time we use it, but to be honest this becomes a bit difficult with the complicated day to day. If we clean it every time, we avoid the proliferation of microorganisms that affect our skin and our tool will also last much longer.

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