Painless: Discover how to remove facial hair naturally

There are some home remedies that can help you remove unwanted facial hair. In this note we present two natural masks that could be the solution to your problem.

Painless: Discover how to remove facial hair naturally

Facial hair in women is a more common condition than you might imagine, known as hirsutism and is caused by a hormonal imbalance due to the increased production of male hormones (androgens) responsible for the appearance of those unsightly dark and thick hairs.

Painless: Discover how to remove facial hair naturally / Pexels

Despite the fact that there is no problem with the presence of them in your body, every time there are people who want to eliminate it completely. If this is your case, we recommend these incredible natural masks.

How to remove facial hair?

If you have invested time and money in expensive treatments to remove those undesirable hairs on the lips, chin, sideburns or on the neck, in the following lines we present two natural remedies to eliminate facial hair.


6 teaspoons of turmeric powder.

3 tablespoons of sea salt.

5 teaspoons of milk.

Water of roses.


Pour the turmeric, salt, and milk into a bowl and mix. Add a splash of rose water until you get a creamy but firm paste. Apply the mask to the affected areas of your face and massage as if you were exfoliating in the direction of hair growth.

After 20 minutes rinse with cold water. To finish, seal your face with a touch of cold or warm water. This way your pores will close quickly. Remember that the effectiveness of this treatment depends on its regularity.

Painless: Discover how to remove facial hair naturally / Pexels



1 egg white.

2 tablespoons of sugar


Mix the egg white and sugar until you get a paste similar to the consistency of honey, this will be achieved easily, there is no need to beat much. Apply with gentle circular movements and leave on for 20 minutes.

When completely dry, tear off the mask in the opposite direction of hair growth. At first you may feel a little pain. Over the days you will notice how facial hair significantly diminishes.

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