Try this coffee mask for puffy face

Puffy eyes reflect the toxins and water accumulation in the lymph system and are a sign that your face needs a quick detox. Coffee is the best ingredient for reducing facial puffiness and for stimulating your lymphatic nodes to flush out toxins.

It has an incredible tightening effect, while reducing inflammation and redness. When applied to the face, it constricts the blood and lymph vessels under your skin, reducing the puffiness and the dark circles under your eyes. Combine it with honey for an antioxidant effect that will make your skin look toned and positively glowing.

Let is sit for 20 minutes and you are ready

Coffee grounds are an excellent skin care ingredient if you think about it. It contains antioxidants and of course caffeine, which wne rubbed on the face helps shrink your blood vessels, helping to remove excess water that’s being stored in the area.

Caffeine in cosmetics has become more and more popular due to its ability to penetrate the skin barrier. It is usually added to anti-cellulite products at a concentration of 3% or less to help prevent the accumulation of fat in cells. It also protects the skin against UV radiation and slows down photoaging, which can make the skin appear younger.

Combined with the osmotic effect caused by the raw honey, this coffee face mask is even more effective at pulling excess water out of the skin. Also, honey has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant and healing properties that benefit the skin as a whole.

For this mask you'll only need 3 ingredients!


  1. Add the ground coffee into a small bowl, then pour over the milk and drizzle the honey.
  2. Stir to create a paste.
  3. Apply it in a thin layer on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water, then apply your favorite moisturizer.

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