Why wear a good perfume? Start this 2021 with the best attitude

It's no secret to anyone that the use of fragrances awakens feelings of joy, well-being, tranquility, and confidence, which allows both men and women to increase their self-esteem. This is how the International Perfume Association of North America describes it

Using perfume provides greater security because it is known that through it, the senses of those around us can be attracted. That is why you should worry about smelling good and have confidence in yourself. that is the key to personal success.


Women and men tend to look first at the physical appearance of the other, the human being is visual. However, a fragrance can make a more lasting impression, since if a person smells good, many will be tempted to come closer and if it does not smell good the primary reaction is to walk away.

It must be remembered that smell is the sense that is most connected to the subconscious, that is why the human being remembers 35% of what she smells and 5% of what she sees.

If a person knows that they have a bad smell, their mood will be sad and shy, however, if they know that their aroma is pleasant they will probably feel confident and will be more sociable. This is the reason why perfume can act in the state of mind.

Daniel Pire

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