Check out sexy Tom Holland on a beach in spain!

Tom Holland is more overwhelming than ever. An example of this is his most recent visit to Barcelona, Spain, where he is shooting his most recent film project called Uncharted.

The Spider-Man actor made a splash by showing off his abs off the coast of Barcelona as he unwound after the release of new flick The Devil All The Time.

Tom Holland showed he is a daredevil all the time… as he stripped off to speed around the Mediterranean on a jet ski after a killer of a job.

Holland, 24, took to the waves after he recently revealed how mentally taxing he found shooting the Netflix film with fellow superhero actor Robert Pattinson. The psychological thriller, which weaves together the stories of individuals in 1950s West Virginia and Ohio, was directed by Antonio Campos and came out to mixed reviews.

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Holland played a killer in the movie — while The Batman star Pattinson robed up as a creepy priest. ‘I had to go places mentally that I didn’t know I could go to or don’t think I ever want to go again,’ the Londoner said. On his character, he added: ‘It just so happens that, in this film, doing the right thing means killing people.’

And that after the success of “El Diablo at all hours”, this 24-year-old has not stopped working. However, beyond admiring his professionalism, the fans and some curious witnesses were able to delight in his very toned abdomen that he showed while taking a break on the beach.

Tom Holland showed his toned abdomen in Spain, fans raved

 Social networks were immediately crammed with the most irresistible images of this character who has been known to gain the acceptance and admiration of his followers. In the photos you can see how Holland has taken advantage of his quarantine to increase his muscle mass and tone his body with an arduous discipline of exercises.

The visit was also conducive to connecting with his fans, as some decided to go to the recording set to see behind the scenes and live anecdotes from this shoot. But to the surprise of many, Tom himself prudently approached a group to be photographed with them.

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This moved them and thus their charisma and gratitude for the support they have always given to each of their projects was confirmed.

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