A nutritionist gives you some tips to eat healthy, all you should know

Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing the pleasure of your taste buds for the sake of your health. Rather, you need to have a mindful approach to eating, according to nutritionist Pooja Makhijha.

It is a fairly well known fact that humans are prone to extreme behaviour. When we love, we love with all our might. When we despise, we do it to the core. When we get involved, we will take out processions for climate change—otherwise we will be as negligent as to use plastic bottles every day. 

This extreme behaviour is not beneficial in any facet of our lives, but it especially does not work when it comes to food and nutrition. We often talk about being healthy and nurturing our body, without keeping in mind that this needs a three-sixty-degree approach. 

How to make healthy eating a sustainable practice

To make healthy eating a sustainable practice, you do not have to only eat right all the time. At the end of the day, food gives us comfort and an emotional connect. It tells stories and binds people together. Therefore, there can be a bit of not-so-right food on our plate. 

But predominantly if we want to look at taking care of our health without being dependent on doctors and nutritionists, we have to realise that every morsel that we put into our mouth is information. 

Information whether you want to heal your body or nurture it; progressively take care of it for good hair, skin, vitality and energy; or for perfectly functioning of body parts and organs. When you don’t eat right, your body gives signs. It can start with minor problems like hair fall, constipation and acne. But it eventually builds into bigger issues like diabetes, blood pressure and cancers.

Every bite is a bit of information and when we eat, we must eat with thought and mindfulness. Just putting this perspective and thought while we are eating can turn around the entire health and perspective of how we are taking care of ourselves. 

The link between what you eat and your health

Today, we are faced with a perplexing dichotomy. The food industry does not really care about our health and then there is the health industry, which does not really care about the food we consume which is usually the root of the issue. Really, this is where we as humans are going wrong and we are plagued with diseases which are so rampant and are increasing in a skyrocketing pace every day. Cancers are today growing more commonly than mushrooms, mainly because food and health does not seem to be correlated and that is exactly what we need to realign ourselves to. 

A balanced plate throughout the day and across meals is not just why you take advice from a nutritionist but is the key to good health for life. 

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