Enjoy this list with the best foods to prevent cancer

The relationship between diet and cancer has been an inseparable part of cancer research for a long time. We spend our lives looking for a remedy against cancer, when in our garden we have the best protectors.

Enjoy this list with the best foods to prevent cancer

Do not forget that thanks to the intake of these fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices and fish you will be able to reduce the risk of suffering from cancer or any other similar painful condition.

Enjoy this list with the best foods to prevent  cancer


Beans are the fiber-packed champions and studies show that regular consumption of dietary fiber may protect against colorectal cancer and reduce your risk by up to 40%.

But beyond prevention, beans are also effective aids in fighting existing cancer cells. A study in rats confirmed that regular consumption of black and blue beans decreased the development of induced cancer cells by a staggering 75%.


Enjoy this list with the best foods to prevent  cancer

Berries possess an inexhaustible source of health benefits. For starters, they are rich in vitamin C and fiber, which are well-known cancer aids.

Its greatest benefit, however, comes from its extraordinary levels of antioxidants. Ellagic acid has been shown to have strong anticancer effects, while its high levels of anthocyanin have colorectal cancer preventive properties.


Tomatoes have high levels of carotenes, particularly the famous lycopene, responsible for their distinctive color and anti-cancer properties. Multiple studies have confirmed that lycopene, readily available in tomatoes, reduces the risk of prostate, lung, and stomach cancer.


Enjoy this list with the best foods to prevent  cancer

One of the most prominent components within flaxseed is lignan. Multiple studies have shown a relationship between flaxseed lignans and breast cancer, as they decrease the growth of malignant cells. In postmenopausal cases specifically, the consumption of flaxseed showed a lower risk of breast cancer.


There is an undeniable link between eating fish and preventing cancer. Studies have linked regular fish ingestion with a reduced risk of multiple types of cancer, particularly those associated with the digestive tract.

Regular fish ingestion reduced risk of multiple types of cancer


Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and one of the most popular spices used in Asian cuisine, as in quintessential curry powder. Its main active ingredient is curcumin, a well-researched anti-cancer chemical.

Multiple studies have shown the efficacy of curcumin in killing tumor cells without harming healthy cells, particularly in certain cases of esophageal cancer.

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