Avocado, contains Omega 3 fatty acid along with other minerals and vitamins

The avocado is a fruit of the Persea Americana plant native to Central America; Edible and very popular in many dishes in the world, even more so in Latin America, avocado has very beneficial properties for health.

Avocado, contains Omega 3 fatty acid along with other minerals and vitamins

This fruit is usually yellow, green, or reddish brown. It has the shape of a pear and a very pleasant flavor, perfect to accompany many dishes in the world. One of the popular and erroneous beliefs about avocado is that its fat is "harmful" to health, a totally false statement. In fact, it is known that athletes rely on avocado as an alternative supplement for their demanding activities.

Avocado, contains Omega 3 fatty acid along with other minerals and vitamins / Pixabay

The reality is that avocado is beneficial for everyone, for those who must work in an office, for children, pregnant women and older adults. This fruit contains high levels of the healthy Omega 3 fatty acid along with other minerals and vitamins.

This fruit has another advantage and that is that it can be consumed raw, either with salad, vegetables or even alone, facilitating its adaptation to the routine diet.



This fruit promotes the growth and repair of muscle mass, which is why it is popular among athletes, thanks to its contribution of protein, potassium, zinc and more. It is rich in potassium, presenting a concentration that doubles that of the banana.

Avocados fill us up and help us lose weight

It is recommended in the world as an anti-inflammatory of joints, especially in cases of arthritis since it repairs cartilage thanks to its beneficial acids and vitamins E. It can also be used to control appetite and the craving to eat since it provides soluble fibers and insoluble that make us feel satisfied.


Avocado is very rich in folic acid

Due to its high percentage of folic acid, its intake is recommended in pregnant women, as this provides great benefits in the process of fetal formation and helps to minimize the risk of malformations.

Avocados are good for the heart

For your heart, avocado offers healthy fats and vitamin E in large quantities, just what you need to avoid heart disease and help keep this vital organ healthy and full of strength.

Reduce the cholesterol

Avocado, contains Omega 3 fatty acid along with other minerals and vitamins / Pixabay

Avocado is also perfect if the intention is to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, since in addition to performing these two tasks, it can also increase HDL cholesterol, that is, the good one, by up to 11%.

They help the absorption of other fruits and vegetables

The fats that are part of the avocado can help the body absorb nutrients from vegetables. Avocado fats help take advantage of the absorption of antioxidants between 2 and 15 times more, making it a perfect ally for salads and other dishes with many vegetables.

A powerful antioxidant

Thanks to this, the avocado serves as an aesthetic complement, attacking the causes of aging and the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, both thanks to its ability to help take advantage of antioxidants and directly on the face as a mask.

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