Choose onion as a main dish and lose weight naturally by following these steps

The onion is a vegetable that is used to accompany meals and give them a special flavor. Despite this, it can also be used as a main dish

Many people are not aware of the slimming properties of onion, so it is not usually included as a main dish in your meals. Starting today, become an expert in the kitchen and prepare this incredible onion-based recipe to lose weight quickly.


Despite its countless benefits, it is usually not completely beneficial for everyone, as it is not recommended to take onion if you suffer or suffer from gastroenteritis or irritable bowel syndrome.

Onion has slimming properties, so it is important to know and take advantage of all its properties. In addition, it is an excellent antiparasitic that helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and inhibits thrombus formation.

The benefits of onion for weight loss are:

It is depurative, therefore, it fights constipation.

It is antioxidant, contains vitamins C, A, E and B, magnesium, phosphorus.

It is diuretic, so it stimulates the kidney helping it to eliminate toxins and liquid.

It is regulatory, as it improves the functioning of the stomach.


To take advantage of its properties, to lose weight, you should consume it raw. It can be juiced alone or accompanied by celery, artichoke, eggplant, carrot, etc.. Another way to take it is in soup that we will teach you to prepare below



  1. Put all the ingredients, chopped, in water and boil them like a normal soup, when it is ready you can drink as much as you want but you also have to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

It is true that this is one of the methods that help to lose weight, but it is always advisable to include an exercise routine to maintain a proper balance in our health.

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