The best commandments of a healthier diet

What should a healthy, low-calorie meal contain? Divide the plate into two parts. One half should be filled with greens, fruits, and vegetables; the other is divided equally between carbohydrates and proteins. And watch out! Cook foods without fat: grilled, steamed, boiled.

The best commandments of a healthier diet

Outside cookies, pastries, soft drinks, packaged juices, sauces, cold cuts, precooked, fats of animal origin, such as butter, bacon, patés. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Improvisation is the enemy of any effective diet, which is why it is crucial to organize in detail the daily menu of each of the five daily meals of the week: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner.

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1. You will eat more fiber and protein

Each of the three main meals of the day should include at least one food rich in fiber and protein. The first, because it helps you lose weight by balancing the intestinal flora, which is increasingly playing a more important role in preventing obesity, and because it fills you up and takes longer to get hungry. Protein, on the other hand, helps you feed the muscles, key to accelerating the metabolism and keeping it active, and it also has a satiating effect.

2. You will say goodbye to alcohol and sugar

In a healthy diet, all foods have a place in the right proportion, but do not forget that we are on a plan of attack and we want to achieve the goal before the heat sets in, so stick to it. No sugar, no pastries, no packaged juices, no soft drinks. Getting off the hook is not easy, but after the first week the "monkey" will reduce and you will begin to appreciate other flavors more. But beware, sugar is not only in sweet-tasting foods, it is also part of the composition of countless processed foods.

3. Cultivate the body and mind

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We eat out of boredom, anxiety, fatigue, and even thirst. And many times we don't even realize it. So it's essential to make an awareness effort that will save us a lot of extra calories that we not only don't need, but don't even taste. Mindful eating techniques, or "mindfulness" applied to nutrition, will help you eat less and enjoy it more.

4. You will reach your goal of 50

Losing 50 grams of fat a day is an achievable challenge with which we could shed several kilos. To do this, it is best to take a paper and a pencil and write down everything you eat during the day. People who keep this diary for a week end up taking in 15 percent fewer calories.

5. No snacks between meals

The best commandments of a  healthier diet / Pexels

If you stick to five meals a day, it will be easier to avoid anxiety. Still, there are days when our body will ask us for extra energy. That's why it's crucial to have a plan to tackle the assaults on the fridge.

That's where raw vegetables, hummus, fruit and vegetable smoothies, or small servings of raw nuts like almonds, walnuts, or seeds come into play. The infusions are also a good satiating that you can take at any time.


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