Discover these 5 vegan foods that will help you gain muscle mass in short time

With New Years resolutions, healthy eating and exercise are surely present. This article will help you do it in a nutritious way

At present, the fitness world takes more field in our life and social circles. Staying healthy is not a difficult task and more so if you enjoy living this lifestyle. Therefore, we bring you 5 different options that you can take advantage of to stay strong and gain muscle mass quickly and easily.

Many times we think that to gain muscle mass we should only consume foods of animal origin and it is not like that. These 5 vegan foods will help you stay strong in a healthy way and without breaking your vegan eating plan.


This vegetable contains a remarkable source of glutamine, an amino acid important for the development of lean muscle mass. It also helps increase endurance and muscle tone.

You can prepare it raw in a salad. If you add carrot, fresh vegan cheese and some nuts, the result is a light and protein first dish.



Foods of animal origin are an excellent source of protein. However, some vegetables, especially legumes, also provide this nutrient to the body.

When we consume protein foods of plant origin it is important to combine them with other foods that complete the list of amino acids that we need. For example, a great mix is a chickpea or lentil dish with rice.

In addition, legumes provide you with a large amount of magnesium, which can help reduce cramps.

Its fiber also benefits you: some studies have shown that a diet low in fiber promotes muscle contractions.



They are not the best source of protein, but if we combine them with legumes or whole grains we can achieve a complete protein. The nuts with the highest protein content are peanuts, walnuts and almonds.

You can have a handful for breakfast or mid-morning as a snack. But don't overdo it, since these foods provide a large amount of calories. Peanuts contain 567 calories per 100 grams.

In addition, nuts and some seeds (such as sunflower seeds) are very rich in magnesium, which is essential for maintaining good muscle tone and avoiding injuries.

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Sweet potato

The roasted sweet potato is a good way to obtain potassium, essential to gain muscle mass.

Helps maintain the body's water balance, nerve impulse and muscle contraction.

In addition, just a small amount is enough to feel full and its sweet taste will make you want something less healthy to a lesser extent.



In addition to being rich in carbohydrates, essential when doing some type of muscle training, it contains three essential nutrients for your muscles.

It is one of the foods richest in potassium and, in addition, it gives you a good dose of magnesium and calcium.

In addition, it can be of great help in preventing muscle spasms.


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