Eat bread daily. It helps you with your weight!

Taken in moderation, it has been shown that bread is not fattening and is essential for a truly balanced diet.

Eat bread daily. It helps you with your weight!

For some researchers, the inclusion of common, everyday and high-value foods in the food culture of our environment, such as bread, helps to meet nutritional guidelines more easily and for longer periods of time.

In fact, there are studies that show that a diet rich in this food (especially if it is whole) can even favor the reduction of weight and waist circumference or simply have no influence on weight. It has been found that if the recommended amount is respected, the bread does not get fat.

Bread is not fattening / Pexels

But there are people who the first thing they do if they are on a diet is to stop eating it and it is a big mistake. Bread provides mostly carbohydrates that, when digested, are transformed into glucose, the best fuel for muscles, the brain.

The recommendation is that in a diet of about 2,000 kcal, at least 1,100 kcal should be provided by carbohydrates. And, as this nutrient is the majority component of bread, if its consumption is reduced, the diet can be unbalanced.

The first natural food, bread is a staple of our diet, since it is a source of:

Bread helps you with your weight / Pexels

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