Effective tips to lower high triglycerides easily

Having high triglycerides becomes a serious health hazard. If you have high triglycerides, you can easily lower them by following a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Find out what foods to avoid and other helpful tips.

Effective tips to lower high triglycerides easily

One of the main causes of high triglycerides in the blood has to do with an excessive consumption of calories, especially because the person tends to consume foods high in triglycerides.

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What are high triglycerides and what are their risks?

When we find the level of high triglycerides, this means that the triglyceride value is above 150 mg / dL, a figure that drops to 100 mg / dL when the person suffers from heart problems.

Therefore, its risks are more than evident: having high levels of triglycerides, especially when they are maintained over time, directly influences the appearance of cardiovascular problems and arteriosclerosis, which is a disease that causes an increase in thickness of the arteries, as well as their loss of elasticity, causing an accumulation of plaques inside them.

When do we have high triglycerides?

Their abnormal values in your blood test. When we talk about high triglycerides, we always refer to those triglyceride values that are abnormally high, which means that, obviously, they are not at levels considered normal (and therefore, in healthy figures).

And when are triglycerides considered elevated then?

Effective tips to lower high triglycerides easily / Pexels

As we briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, triglycerides are high when their values exceed 150 mg / dL. That is, they are considered normal -and acceptable- values when the triglyceride level is less than 150 mg / dL.

However, as indicated by Medlineplus, those figures above 199 mg / dL are considered high values, and very high when it reaches 500 mg / dL (or levels higher than this).

A very useful option is to try to change our eating habits. And, for this, it is necessary to consider which ones may not be as healthy as we think.

Maybe we tend to snack between meals, we regularly consume sweets and other non-nutritious snacks. However, about the diet to follow in a future section we will talk to you in more detail about it.

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