Include ginseng in your diet and you will get incredible benefits

There are tons of herbs and supplements on the market today. Ginseng, is a Chinese word, which means "root of man", as it looks like the shape of a man. And it has many beneficial properties.

Ginseng: Miracle Herb!

This miraculous plant contains many very complex carbohydrates, and that means that it is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and has beneficial elements against cancer.

Include ginseng in your diet and you will get incredible benefits / Pexels

Many energy drinks contain ginseng, as it also provides energy, alertness, and helps deal with stress. Simply put, ginseng keeps you in balance physically and mentally.

And in Asia, they have discovered that in addition to mental improvement, it eliminates anemia and helps prevent diabetes, neurosis, cough, asthma and tuberculosis. In addition to helping the liver, it also significantly reduces hangovers.

But be careful, if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clotting problems and diabetes, it is best to consult your trusted doctor first before consuming this root.

Include ginseng in your diet and you will get incredible benefits / Pexels

Apart from medicinal uses, it is also used in cooking, this ingredient is more common in Korean, Chinese and Asian foods such as soups, pureed, rice, dishes with chicken and mushrooms, etc.

Here is a simple and delicious recipe in which you can incorporate the miracle plant. This is only one option, do not limit yourself in the preparations.


1/2 cup of sushi rice

1 small whole chicken and clean inside (600-700 grams). 

16 garlic cloves

2 jujubes (if you can't get it, use large prune)

2 ginseng roots

5 cups of water

A small pot


Wash the rice to remove the starch, about three times until the water runs clear is fine. Let it sit in cold water for two hours and then strain it to flush out the water.

Fill the chicken with the rice, jujubes and ginseng root.

Put the chicken in the small saucepan, the 5 cups of water, bring it to a boil and reduce to medium heat or a light boil. Leave it like that for an hour.

Serve the whole chicken in a deep plate, add all the broth, you can decorate with a little chopped green onion on top of the plate.


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