Have you ever heard Dark Chocolate helps losing weight? Let's find out the truth!

The internet is flooded with information on how dark choc can help you lose weight. But here’s what an obesity expert wants you to know about eating dark chocolate for weight loss.

First let’s begin by bursting your bubble, sorry ladies but eating dark chocolate will never ever help with weight loss. I know you’d be hating us at this point, but let’s just say, we saved you guys from committing a sinister mistake!

Dark chocolate definitely has its benefits but losing weight is one of them?

We’d say you are a little at fault, because if you would have closely looked at research papers, you would have found that ‘might’ is a word that is often used, when it comes to dark chocolate and weight loss. That means eating dark chocolate for weight loss doesn’t guarantee results. 

No, we aren’t saying that dark chocolate does not have benefits, but weight loss is not one of them. It does contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids, so you can enjoy the taste and health, without expecting unwanted weight to vanish!

Dark chocolates are sugar-laden, hence weight loss is NEVER going to happen

According to Dr Anjali Hooda, MBBS, MD (Internal, obesity, functional medicine, USA) and director at LiveNutrifit and Center for Obesity and Longevity, no one can lose weight by eating chocolates. Although the claims are many, remember the darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of sugar to make it palatable.

Cocoa or cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants, but if you completely rely on it, and don’t rectify your food habits, then weight loss is never going to happen. 

“Along with antioxidants, dark chocolates are also rich in magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, and iron. There are several studies that suggest that dark chocolate can protect people from heart disease. But the point is to stick to a known qualitative brand of dark chocolate, organic whenever possible,” recommends Dr Hooda.

She also mentions that dark chocolates are rich in fat content, so if you aren’t following a fat-based diet like keto, then noshing on them regularly can affect you negatively.

Dark chocolate is a superfood but not for weight loss

“As compared to regular chocolate, the dark chocolate content of cacao is higher, hence it is extremely rich in flavonoids. These are super antioxidants that can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and insulin sensitivity. In addition to that, the theobromine and phenylalanine content in cacao can instantly boost your mood, since it’s a precursor of the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine,” explains Dr Hooda.

But to enjoy these benefits, you need to keep a check on how much dark chocolate you’re eating and when. According to Dr Hooda, a one or two inch square is enough for daily consumption. Also, you should avoid consuming dark chocolate post-dinner.

The last word on dark chocolate for weight loss

“Dark chocolate can trigger migraines in some people. As these chocolates are laden with caffeine, some of you may have palpitations after consumption. It can also interfere with some medications and hormones. Also, they can raise blood sugar in diabetics, as many brands have high amounts of hidden sugars,” concludes Dr Hooda.

It looks like pitching dark chocolate for weight loss is all a marketing gimmick. So, enjoy this piece of heaven without any kind of expectations!

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