Include Hing on your kitchen and get all these benefits from this magical spice

Asafoetida or hing is widely used in Indian cooking for its aroma. But do you know the health benefits of hing? If not, read on.

Are you even a true blue Indian if you’ve never wondered exactly what is the English term for hing? Asafoetida, it is! It is used widely in our homes for its wonderful fragrance but not many know that this beloved spice has multiple health benefits.

Hing is a magical spice

Hing is an indispensable spice for the Indian cuisine because it can provide even the blandest dish with a wonderful aroma and finger-licking flavour. Apart from this, however, adding asafoetida to your food can take care of your gut health. Indian food is generally high on masalas and oil which can prove to be burdensome for our digestive system. It is a pinch of hing that can ease that burden.

Here are eight benefits that asafoetida can provide you with:  

1. Nothing can beat hing when it comes to preventing bloating

Bloating is a result of indigestion, accumulation of gas, and water retention. All thanks to antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, asafoetida is a great solution to your digestion problems.

2. It’s great for those who are dealing with respiratory issues

According to a study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, hing is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties which help in keeping the respiratory tract clear of pathogens.

3. The spice can help you avoid acidity

Asafoetida can aid digestion and because of its alkaline nature, it can help you avoid acid reflux.

4. Hing can help you reduce stress

It may surprise you but hing is considered to be a stress regulator. By reducing stress, it can help you avoid multiple other health issues ranging from infertility to heart issues.

5. It can prove to be soothing when it comes to menstrual cramps

The thing is that this spice helps in smoothing abdomen muscles and that’s why cramps feel less painful.

6. It’s great for cough, cold, and sore throat

The anti-allergen properties are the main reason behind this benefit! It basically hampers the growth of the virus and keeps you protected from the flu.

7. Hing is great for your scalp

If you believe in home remedies when it comes to your hair, you can definitely give hing a shot. It acts as a great exfoliator for your scalp. Mixing it with other ingredients like curd and honey helps in locking in moisture for a longer period of time.

8. Asafoetida is your skin’s best friend

hing is loaded with antioxidants and we all know how antioxidants help our body in fighting the action of free radicals. So, you can mix a pinch of hing with your home-made face packs.

Clearly, you need to include hing in your life for more than just its aroma!

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