Pineapple water: See how to eliminate toxins and purify your kidneys in just one week

As everyone knows, pineapple is diuretic, but most are unaware of the benefits of the peel, after reading this article you will no longer want to throw it away

Kidneys have a very important function for the body, they work as blood purifiers, which is rid of toxins and waste that will be eliminated through the urine, so keeping them purified is the best thing you can do.

Pineapple water is perfect for you

So, today we will leave you an ideal secret formula to keep the kidneys working 100%, it is pineapple water. Do you know why it is good for the body? Here we tell you!

Pineapple juice is very helpful in treating and preventing any kidney problem, as this exotic fruit contains valuable vitamin C, potassium and bromeliad enzyme content, which together reduce inflammation and stimulate digestion, among other wonderful things. .

How to prepare it?

You just have to cut a pineapple and put the peel to rest, after a day, process only the water in the blender, along with a cup of rice milk, until the shake is completely integrated. If you wish, you can add a natural sweetener to this juice.

Finally, both pineapple and pineapple water are very healthy options to include in your regular diet for all its benefits. Sure you love pineapple, but have you tried pineapple water? It is a natural homemade soda. You have to do it!

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