The healthiest cheeses you can add to your diet

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the foods that unleashes the most passions among consumers. You can love it or hate it, but it never leaves you indifferent.

The healthiest cheeses you can add to your diet

In fact, the enormous repertoire of aromas, flavors and textures that the different varieties of cheeses have makes this food a real delicacy for many people.

Therefore, in today's post we show you the healthiest cheeses that you can find in the market, and we also tell you details about their preparation and nutritional composition.

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If we talk about specific varieties of cheese, fresh is one of the best known and consumed by users. This cheese is one that has not been matured, and therefore has a lower caloric content than other Gouda, Roquefort or Edam type cheeses.

In addition, a slight variant of the previous one has recently become very fashionable, which you can also find low in calories, it is very appetizing and it has great versatility in the preparation of desserts and recipes.

This product is whipped fresh cheese, and it has a texture similar to yogurt, but much creamier that fills the palate and gives a great feeling of satiety.


The healthiest cheeses you can add to your diet / Pexels

These cheeses are often used as an accompaniment to many culinary preparations, both pizzas in the case of mozzarella, and salads if we are talking about burrata cheese.

Healthy option that serves to give our dishes flavor without too excessive a number of calories. The difference between both types of cheese resides above all in the texture, since the burrata has a much creamier and more unctuous consistency than the mozzarella.



The healthiest cheeses you can add to your diet / Pexels

Both have a very similar characteristic appearance, as if they were a rough mass that flakes off. However, feta cheese and cottage cheese have several differences from each other.

The main one is its elaboration, since the cottage cheese is born from a second curd of whey, which is actually a by-product of the normal curd that cheeses undergo during the fermentation of milk.

In contrast, feta cheese has been subjected to a brine process, that is, it has been immersed for a certain period of time in salted water. This gives it an intense and very characteristic flavor that combines very well with other foods.

Milk fat is not as harmful as we believed years ago, in fact it is related to satiety and helps us to calm our appetite sooner. However, this issue is very individual, so there will be people who do not like cheese - and dairy in general - as much as others.

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