These are the 8 most followed diets to lose those kilos after the festivities

It is no secret that these festivities were completely atypical to the rest because of the pandemic before covid-19 but even so, the tradition of the different dishes on the table was followed

All that food is now reflected in our weight and there is no better way to start this 2021 with a nutritious and healthy diet than to lose those extra pounds

Among the most popular diets this 2021 we find:

Green Diet

This Green diet, based on a high consumption of vegetables, a way to lose weight with health. It promotes cardiovascular health. And it doesn't create deficiencies because they continue to consume meat, fish, chicken and eggs, but the protagonist is the vegetable.


Ornish Diet

This diet is based on changing the refined carbohydrates for their integral option, for example instead of eating bread, pasta and white rice you eat bread, pasta and brown rice.

The cereal of greater preference is the oats and the quinoa by being of low glycemic index therefore helps to the loss of weight and health.

It includes abundant fruits and vegetables, it eliminates the fats of animal origin and allows those of vegetable origin. Regarding dairy products, it eliminates the high fat or complete ones because of its low fat and skimmed options.

Color Diet

It is based on food groups that are identified by color, for example: red for proteins, green for vegetables, yellow for carbohydrates, brown for fats and blue for liquids and seasonings. It is a diet that educates to balance between foods, does not create deficiencies and can be maintained in the long term.


Dinner cancelling diet

A trend that many people have always applied when they want to lose a few extra kilos. As simple as eating during the day, stop eating dinner and go to bed fasting. This is not recommended, so you should consult a nutritionist.

The No Diet

It is followed by all those people who just thinking the word "diet" makes them hungry and anxious to eat, so they prefer to do the same thing that is done on a diet but without feeling trapped in it, something like living with your partner without being married.

The rules are easy, you just have to: don't eat or snack between main meals, respect meal times and eat 5 times a day, don't eat carbohydrates at night, prefer fish as protein, eliminate sugars, fried foods and soft drinks.


Nordic Diet

It is the equivalent of the Mediterranean for Northern Europe, it is based on local foods and products from the area just as the Mediterranean diet does. Sweden is the country that creates it, and its followers are basically in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

It is really more a lifestyle, based on a diet rich in whole grains such as barley, rye, oats, berries, vegetables, fish rich in omega 3 typical of the cold Nordic sea such as salmon, and abundant grains or legumes.

Wild Food Diet

It is original from Finland, which is based on the natural principle and little industrialized in fact its motto is "from the field to the plate", whether animal or vegetable products are intimately linked to nature.


Okinawa Diet

This diet is created and very followed in the island of Okinawa, in Japan, it is also known as the diet of longevity, and not in vain the Japanese population is very long-lived thanks to the basic principles of their diet.

It is based on consuming fish 3 times a week, abundant grains, whole grains, vegetables, soya/soya, seaweed, seafood (octopus and squid) which are rich in taurine and strengthen cardiovascular health.

Very little red meat, but plenty of legumes and nuts such as walnuts, seeds, hazelnuts and almonds. The favorite drink is tea. It is practically a simple to follow semi-vegetarian diet.

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