Turn back time with this incredible fruit juice: effective rejuvenating and antioxidant juice

It is not necessary to use risky techniques to prevent the passage of time, we can do it in a healthy, tasty and natural way by just consuming this melon and citrus juice, the best antioxidant

Melon is one of the fruits with more healthy properties that we can get, its vitamins and minerals provide us with endless benefits for our body without the need to use any chemical product.

So if you want to slow down the passing of the years then you should start drinking this delicious juice that we are going to explain to you how to prepare, find everything you need and see you in the kitchen because it's time to stop time.

This incredible juice is the perfect deal



Remove the peel and seeds from the melon, cut it into pieces and place it in the blender with the juice of the lemons and grapefruit, the kiwi without skin and cut, grind the mixture until everything is well integrated, if you wish you can add a little of water, sweeten with your favorite sweetener, decorate with mint leaves.

With a glass of this powerful juice every morning you will begin to tone the changes in your body, take advantage of all the benefits that nature does not give to lead a healthy life, exercise and ¡Salud!

Gabriel Hernández

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