White poisons: the 5 foods that are ruining your health and you didn't know

We live in a time when the way we eat has changed incredibly compared to that of our ancestors. Only the diet of people who were born a hundred years before us was truly different.

White poisons: the 5 foods that are ruining your health and you didn't know

Processed food did not exist in the past, but today it is found in the cupboards of almost every kitchen. Many of these products are eaten on a daily basis, but what most people may not know is that certain foods are ruining your health. Some are what are popularly known as "white poisons."

White poisons: the 5 foods that are ruining your health and you didn't know / Pexels

Today the food industry has won the game over fresh and local food. The data shows that more than 90% of the food bought in a western country like Spain is sold only through the top 10 supermarket chains.

Many of the food products sold in these supermarkets contain at least one of the white poisons. Cookies, bread, pastries, nuts, cakes, ice cream, sauces, the list of products is endless.

1. Sugar

Sugar is considered the worst of all white poisons. It ruins people's health on different levels even though it makes many palates addicted to its taste happy. In order for sugar to be refined, it goes through different phases in which it comes into contact with different chemical substances.

But the worst thing about sugar is that it is an empty food and that it makes us fat. It provides us with calories and nothing else (it does not provide vitamins, minerals, etc.), and its entry into the bloodstream is so rapid that it causes diseases such as diabetes. Our body has trouble storing it and ends up turning it into fat.

2. Salt

There is no doubt that we are consuming salt beyond our means. Studies suggest that Europe is consuming 10 times more salt than the amount recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Salt for mass consumption is made up only of sodium chloride. Its excessive intake is directly related to cases of hypertension and the increase in cardiovascular diseases in general.

3. Flour

There are different types of flour, but the most consumed are the least healthy. The most consumed flour is type 00 of wheat, which only contains the carbohydrates and gluten of the cereal.

This ultra-refined flour is devoid of any form of fiber in which most of the healthy trace elements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) are found. Therefore, it is a very caloric product that passes quickly into the blood. In addition, gluten is a substance that causes intestinal inflammation.

White poisons: the 5 foods that are ruining your health and you didn't know / Pexels

4. Milk

Milk is a food that has been highly questioned by the scientific community. It is concluded that drinking milk daily has more harm than good, but it is a very lucrative product for large companies and feeds millions of people.

There are many problems associated with the consumption of milk, and surely the most shocking is that it is related to bone decalcification. Yes, milk, the calcium food par excellence. There are different reasons why its intake represents a problem for the skeletal system.

5. Food additives

Some food additives are not highly recommended for our health. On many occasions they are resources of the food industry to give their products flavor, preservation, texture, aroma, etc.

There are different examples of undesirable additives, the vast majority of which are white powders before they are mixed with other ingredients. An example is sodium benzoate, which serves to extend the preservation of food. It has been shown that it can develop hypertension, hyperactivity in children or different allergies.

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