4 exercises to complete your shoulder routine at home.

The shoulders are one of the most important parts that we must work when we exercise because it brings harmony and shape to your body.

These exercises for shoulders at home are a good way to give our body the boost it needs

Wall climb

she starts backsliding to the wall. We will keep a certain distance between the wall and our body and we will place our hands on the ground, open, parallel to each other. We will get on our knees and hook the tips of our feet against the wall and we will try to bring our arms closer, little by little towards the wall as we climb with our legs. Then when the torso touches the wall, we will begin to descend, not letting the body fall suddenly, but we will have to follow the same process as in the ascent, but in reverse.

Shoulder flexion

You should keep your head between your arms, and bend down against the floor without actually touching it. As for the knees and the lower back. Make sure your knees are straight and your lower back as straight as possible, and try to keep your hips as high as possible above your shoulders. Then bend your arms so that the elbows are out and without touching the head to the floor, then return to your starting position and repeat until completing the series.

Elevated peak push-ups

Elevate your legs on a ladder, chair, or bench. Keep your spine in a neutral position and your head pointing to the ground. If you are trying this move for the first time on your own, put a pillow under your head. Then bend your arms and repeat until the series is complete.

Incline push-ups

Your upper body should be higher than your lower. Make sure your hips, shoulders, and feet are in line (like a normal pushup). The surface you are on should be under the chest. Bend your elbows inward and repeat for a full set.

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