5 exercises that tone your legs and buttocks

In these times of quarantine, nothing better than an exercise routine to keep you healthy.

These exercises are very practical and quick to do. Today we will explain how.

These exercises are very practical and quick to do. Today we will explain how


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your toes slightly outward for comfort.

Go down with your back straight and your buttocks out, bending your hips and knees approximately 90 °. Then return to the starting position. Arms can be extended forward to help balance

Alternating strides

Stand tall and take a long step forward until the knee of your back leg touches the ground. Return to the starting position and swap your foot.

Buttock bridge.

Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis by lifting your buttocks off the floor until your body is aligned. Always keep the abdomen and buttocks pressed

Lateral lunge

Stay upright and standing. Move one of the legs horizontally (you can do it by sliding it across the floor or lifting it). The moving leg should be fully straight, while the other supporting leg will remain bent 90 °. Pick up the displaced leg by returning to the starting position and repeat the alternate exercise with the other leg

Alternate step-up (or drawer rises)

Stand in front of the highest surface (you can use a ladder, drawer, chair, or bench). First lift one leg off the ground until it rests on the highest surface. Then, the leg that remained on the ground, will be taken off to raise it and be placed next to the other on the highest surface. Finally, the return to the position on the floor will be done in reverse, one leg first and then the other leg.


Always keep your back straight and firm positions to perform a better exercise and avoid injury.

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