5 tips to avoid excessive sugar consumption

When we consume sugary foods, your brain is stimulated by sending greater signals where dopamine intervenes, which plays an important role in the perception of pleasure.

By constantly ingesting foods with sugar, your body will start to need it much more and more frequently. After this happens, your body's dopamine signals weaken and a kind of tolerance can develop, so your body will ask you to eat more sugar.

A 2018 publication in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that sugar "produces more symptoms than necessary to be considered an addictive substance."

On the Mercola portal they share some recommendations for you to start limiting your sugar consumption.

Everything has a limit

Total sugar intake should be less than 25 grams per day from all dietary sources, that is, the equivalent of six tablespoons. This includes the sugar you get from whole fruits.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup

It is present in many foods that are consumed today.

Include healthy fats in your diet.

Healthy fats are the source of fuel that your body likes. The best sources of these include grass-fed butter, coconut oil, wild Alaskan salmon, avocado, and raw nuts like walnuts and almonds.

Add fermented foods to your diet

 Kimchi, Natto, organic yogurt, and kefir can help you reduce the negative effects of excess sugar on your liver.

Drink water

 Stay away from sweetened beverages such as soft drinks and fruit juices, it is advisable to consume an average of 8 glasses of water daily.

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