8 benefits of chia seeds you should know!

The Salvia hispanica is a plant from central america and its seeds are a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and carbs. The word "Chia" means "strength" in Mayan language.

These little seeds have become important for being a source of Omega3 and they need to be crushed or chewed.

They were forgotten after european colonization but luckily they are back to stay

These seeds can be easily used in any food like salads or rice because they don't alter the flavor, they also go well with desserts.

8 amazing reasons why you should try them

1.  Keep body's hydration

Seeds can retain 10 times its wight in water, so they act like water reservoirs that once ingested help mantain your body hydrated when you need it

2. Help losing weight 

As they provide Omega3 they regulate cholesterol levels and help us eliminate fat from our systems, promotes intestinal movement and due to their high water content, ingesting them results in an hypocaloric diet.

3. Huge energy source

With all vitamins and minerals in them, its like a boost to our organism.

4. Control your cravings 

Thanks to its amount of fiber, they keep us satisfied, we advise to crush them and hydrate them so they are ready to be eated for breakfast.

5. High levels of antioxidants to fight aging 

They are a real anti-age product, according to some studies, they stop 70% of free radicals activities, so they prevent our body from oxidation and further aging. A real fountain of youth. 

6. Build up muscular mass 

All their proteins and fiber help regenerate muscular tissue, and its energetic value improves athletes development, highly recomended.

7. Relieve pain in joints

Omega3 fatty acids have antiinflamatory properties so they are great for this types of pain

8. Depurative properties

Last but not least, they eliminate liquids and toxics from our systems and regulate the intestinal flora.

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