"Animal Flow" the new way of training everyone is talking about

The animal flow workout doesn't require equipment but is effective when it comes to building strength and stamina

We all know how important fitness is. Having a regular workout schedule can help you stay physically and mentally healthy. It can help you steer clear of illnesses while regulating your mood and uplifting your confidence. And so, we all sign up for gym memberships but barely follow through. If your aim in 2021 is to be more consistent, you need to try out new exercises which are engaging and will also take you closer to your fitness goals. Towards that end, we recommend you try out what is being the animal flow!

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Recently, celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Drashti Dhami and Aashka Goradia were spotted showing off their animal flow moves. This aroused the interest of many and people have since wanted to know all about it.

So, what exactly is animal flow?

Much like the term suggests, animal flow involves us moving into poses that mimic the movements of animals. Invented by the famous fitness trainer Mike Fitch, it is a set of exercises aimed at body-weight training. According to Mike:

How can animal flow benefit the body?

The animal flow consists of exercises that are fun to do but also require effort from your body that is both physical and mental. It helps build strength, improve flexibility, provide you with better mobility and aid breath regulation. Over time, it can have multiple benefits such as:

1. Minimise the risk of injuries

When done before a workout, it can help you avoid injuries by working out the muscles and joints.

2. Help you do exercises which require flexibility with relative ease

By getting your body used to a wider range of motions and expanding mobility, animal flow can help you do exercises requiring flexibility more easily and improve your workout quality

3. Attain control over your breathing

It will help you regulate your breathing and this will also benefit your workout regime.

4. Improve control over your body movements

Animal flow will allow you to understand your body better and control your movements. It will ensure that you can reap the maximum from the exercises you practice regularly.

5. It will increase your stamina

The movements which are a part of the animal flow build strength and regulate breathing. Eventually, it leads to improved stamina and can aid you to go longer at the gym without feeling tired.

Who exactly should go for animal flow?

The exercises can be done on a mat without any equipment! They’re low in intensity and relatively easy to do. Hence, can be done by the beginners and fitness freaks alike. So, you can include it to your routine, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the natural side of your personality with the animal flow!

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