Lifting weights may be more beneficial than you think

Training with weights brings more health benefits than was thought a few years ago. It is an exercise that is usually overshadowed by the trends that prevail today, but lifting weights is a type of training whose usefulness goes beyond physical appearance.

Lifting weights may be more beneficial than you think

The habit of doing physical exercise is one of the healthiest there is. Still, there are many ways to be physically active, and we don't always know what benefits we get from training in one way or another.

Its main objective is to strengthen the muscles, something that is also achieved with resistance training, but doing it regularly also leads to an increase in the size, power and endurance of the muscles.

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Exercising exclusively with cardio exercises is not always the best option. Next we will see what are the reasons that make using weights an excellent option to take care of our general health.

The World Health Organization places activities aimed at strengthening muscles in fourth place in its recommendations, below the 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense that adults should complete each week.

1. Increase life expectancy

Weights train your body. In and of itself, training is a protective factor against diseases of all kinds that lengthens your life, but working with weights is something special. Allow parts of your body like your heart to be healthier.

Lifting weights may be more beneficial than you think / Pexels

2. Helps to lose weight

Weight loss should not only be associated with aerobic exercise. This idea is widespread, but scientific evidence shows that weight training makes high intensity periods of training very helpful in burning fat.

3. Combat anxiety and stress

All physical training represents an escape valve for everyone and this form of exercise is no exception. Exercising with weights is a great way to relieve tension. One of the neurotransmitters most related to this fact is norepinephrine, which helps our brain not suffer as much stress.

Lifting weights may be more beneficial than you think / Pexels

4. Improves the quality of sleep

Exercising with weights improves the quality of your sleep. Studies have been done showing that people who use weights for training sleep better than people who do not exercise. This is excellent news for those who want to fight against different sleep disorders

5. You suffer less fatigue

This point may not be so obvious, but it is very relevant. Exercising with weight increases our muscular strength. But not only this, with these objects we can also improve our resistance or even our speed.

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