Best exercises for a pregnant woman

Improve your mood, helps you sleep better and avoids pains and typical pregnancy discomforts.

Exercising during pregnancy has amazing results for your health

It will bring you peace and you'll enjoy it!

Studies suggest that exercising during pregnancy might reduce risk of developping gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. So, if you've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you could control it by exercising.

Doctors recomend healthy pregnant womans, with no further life threatening conditions,to try 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity most days if not everyday. 

The ideal routines are those that exercises heart while keeping the body flexible, controlling weight gain and prepares muscles to other physical exigencies natural from pregnancy and after. But they must not be an exhausting and demanding effort. 

Remeber you must always ask your doctor before you start any routine and when you get a green light, pay attention to your body's signs. If there's any pain or discomfort, quit it inmediately. 

Some good ideas

Excellent routine that doesn't require many equipment, just a pair of shoes and your will. Won't fatigate your knees or ankles

Doctors and physical trainers consider swimming the best exercise for pregnants and the safest. It is ideal because it involves muscles from legs and arms, have many cardiovascular benefits and lowers swelling, as women feel light in water. Very useful for back pain.

Dance to your favorite jam in your own living room, following some DVD choreography, sign up to some dance classes. You must avoid hops and spins.  

Offers you to strength your muscles and keep you flexible and has minimal impact on your joints. This combined with walking or swimming twice or three times a week is beneficial for your heart.  

Here's a video for you to learn more!


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