Biceps routine at home with household instruments.

You no longer have an excuse to exercise at home. Today we are going to explain how to do your bisecting routine at home.

The advantage of this routine is that you don't need a large number of instruments. With common household items you can exercise properly.


Barbell bicep curl.

You just have to grab a couple of plastic bags and the broomstick. Place the bags on both sides of the clubs, and progressively put bottles of water of the same amount, so you are calculating the weight you lift and gradually increasing it in each series, lowering the number of repetitions. Perform a classic barbell bicep curl and try to go high reps to pump hard and push your muscle to the limit.

Variant of waiter curl.

Choose a suitable weight, hold the bag with both hands, elbows close to the body and raise the bag very very slowly until your hands touch your chin. Concentrate the muscle to the maximum and you will see how it costs you.

Dominated bars.

Look for a high corner where you can rest your hands, such as the stair rail or the top of the portal door. Do as many sets of dominated bars as you can. Another option, much more difficult, but that can be done, is to hang yourself from the door frame with your fingertips and go up and down, or use this trick with two towels on any door.


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