Cauliflower: immune system improvement and other benefits

Among some of the foods that have become popular in recent years, is cauliflower. A vegetable that reaches its peak between the months of November and April, and that has multiple benefits.

Cauliflower: immune system improvement and other benefits

Some fruits and vegetables have become popular and interest in them is growing. Part of the population follows these trends to remedy some type of health problem, according to nutritionist Ana Molina.

Cauliflower: immune system improvement and other benefits / Petxels

"In principle it is positive that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is popular, but always bearing in mind that a single food will never be the cure for any disease or the nutritional panacea by itself", clarifies the expert.

In the same way that a food alone does not have the "power" to cure a disease immediately, the nutritionist points out that to obtain its benefits they must be consumed for life.

"The best way to obtain its benefits is to consume a great variety of them and continuously, for life, and not as a fit because today I read that it is good and tomorrow I forget".

On this occasion we are talking about cauliflower, which belongs to the cruciferous family, to which broccoli, cabbage, arugula, turnip or radish also belong.


Cauliflower: immune system improvement and other benefits / Petxels

According to Ana Molina, cauliflower is characterized by its content of vitamins B5, B6, vitamin C and K, in addition to folic acid and its potassium content. But what function does each of these elements have in our body?

A diet poor in vitamin B5 can cause fatigue, headaches, tremors and intestinal pain, "although it is found in so many foods that its deficit is rare," says the nutritionist.

Vitamin B6 helps in the production of neurotransmitters, essential for the brain and nervous system. However, it is "more recognized" for contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system.

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