Discover these 6 properties and benefits of daily consumption of onion

If we talk about onion, this vegetable is always present in many recipes, so today we will show you 3 more reasons to include it in your daily diet.

In the kitchen it is very versatile and the best way to take advantage of the benefits of onion is to consume it raw. This way it stimulates the liver, pancreas and gallbladder function better, although cooking it does not produce great losses in its nutritional properties.


At the time of the purchase it is necessary to choose the onions that have the firm bulb, without sprouts and that conserve intact the skin. To preserve them, they should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and not piled up.

Many are the properties of this vegetable, but today we will show you 6 of them that will convince you to use it daily in your meals.

Good for circulation

Prevents the formation of blood clots, promotes blood circulation and helps fight diseases related to poor circulation.


It favors the elimination of body fluids, so it is highly recommended in patients with kidney failure, gout, kidney stones or edema. It also reduces excess sodium levels in the blood, so it also takes care of your heart.


Bactericidal and expectorant

For its content of sulfur-rich compounds, it is, along with garlic, one of the best natural remedies to combat infectious processes of the respiratory tract such as flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis, etc.. In fact, a widely used remedy is to place a halved onion next to the bed at night.

Digestive and depurative

It aids digestion by stimulating the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, although it should be avoided in cases of heartburn. The onion is able to eliminate toxins and ferments produced in the stomach after digestion.

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