Some exercises you can do without leaving home to stay healthy and fit

Training at home by doing a series of exercise routines is a very beneficial habit. The benefits of exercising at home Exercising your muscles and joints does not always require leaving the home; Keeping in shape can be, in many ways, easier than what is often sold by advertisements for gyms and sports and fat-burning programs.

Some exercises you can do without leaving home to stay healthy and fit

Staying in shape requires time that many times we do not have due to the different activities we do on a daily basis. Also, going to a gym can be a bit difficult to fit into our schedule.

Some exercises you can do without leaving home to stay healthy and fit / Pexels

But that is no excuse, since in the comfort of home we can perform a series of exercise routines that will allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Before starting your exercise routine you should do a little warm-up; This will prepare your muscles and joints for good physical performance.

Once you've finished your warm-up, it's time for you to put the following routines into practice. You can do three sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise.

Some exercises you can do without leaving home to stay healthy and fit / Pexels

By not having to leave the house, it is much easier to commit to this plan to stay in shape. It is a way of not exposing yourself to excuses that would keep you away from your goal. Exercising at home means that in a matter of seconds you have access to a large number of resources and tools that belong to you: food and drink, different types of weights adapted to your abilities and goals, and even large screens that allow you to follow tutorials in time real, with sound and keeping a safe distance.

In most cases, a home gives us more silence than a gym or the rest of the spaces where people usually go to exercise. That means that, in addition to not stressing out so much, you can even add Mindfulness exercises to your training routine.

1. Climb stairs

To do this, you can go up and down the stairs, do three sets of 15 repetitions each. Another alternative is to place a chair: go up fully and stop in it and then lower carefully to avoid any accident.

If you are a little scared, you can opt for a lower bench and start there and gradually gain more confidence until you do it with the chair. This exercise helps you strengthen your legs and glutes.

2. Squats with support on the wall

With this option you are working your back and legs. Lean against a wall and keep your back very straight and your legs at a 90 degree angle, lower and hold this position for 30 seconds. Do three sets.

3. Abs

Lie on your back, the head should be in a comfortable position, the view towards the ceiling and the chin away from the chest. Put your hands under your head and lift your legs at a 45 degree angle; the shoulders are lifted off the ground, the knees are bent and the elbows touch with them.

Then lower your torso and extend your legs, and return to the starting position. Repeat again until three series are completed.

4. Push-up with weights

Standing with your torso straight, rest your arms on your body and flex your forearms; you can have some dumbbells in your hands.

Another alternative is to place your arms laterally in a cross shape, and then go up and down. Similarly, in this position, do push-ups with weights. You can also do these push-ups by sitting on a medicine ball to improve balance and coordination.

5. Isometric Plank

As its name suggests, this is an isometric exercise, that is, it is performed using only the effects of the force of gravity on our body.

To do this, lie face down on a mat keeping the soles of your feet parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Then, keeping your whole body rigid from your head to the balls of your feet, raise your upper body holding only on your elbows and the balls of your feet, creating a 90 degree angle with your arms.

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