Exercising while fasting is good or bad? discover the answers here

If you are one of those who prefer to go to the gym very early, you may have ever wondered if it is okay to exercise on an empty stomach

Not all people are candidates for sports on an empty stomach. In general, it is common to see these customs in people who train periodically and are used to playing sports.

Today we will explain to you what are the benefits and disadvantages of exercising on an empty stomach.

Benefits and disadvantages of exercising on an empty stomach.


You burn more fat.

As there are not enough sugar reserves, the body needs another source of energy and fortunately, will be in greater proportion the fat deposits.

Promotes performance.

In certain cases, exercising on an empty stomach improves performance. This only applies to endurance activities like marathons or long runs. The body is much lighter, so it can withstand low intensity sports much longer.


Feeling of fatigue.

The Spanish Heart Foundation does not recommend this practice, because, in its opinion, the only thing it achieves is that it invades us with the feeling of fatigue and tiredness and it can also increase risk factors for various ailments.

Not appropriate for strength exercises.

As we saw earlier, if strength exercises are your thing, you should forget about training without having breakfast before. Remember that these disciplines are very demanding and require that the sugar deposits are adequately. It’s also not appropriate if you aren’t an overly active athlete.

Decreases muscle mass.

Definitely, if your intention is to increase muscle mass, exercising while fasting is not recommended. If you are looking to gain volume, it’s essential to have a great source of carbohydrates and proteins.

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