From arthritis to period cramps, black nightshade will help you deal with it all naturally

Taking too many painkillers might give you relief from the pain, but it also messes with your immunity. Thankfully, black nightshade can help.

Just a few days ago, a piece of news took the world of health and wellness by a storm. That news was all about the health benefits of makoy or black nightshade—rather, it’s ability to fight off covid-19 naturally. 

This is how a makoy or black nightshade bush looks like.

Makoy is called by many names, but its scientific nomenclature is Solanum Americanum. Even though the fruits of this plant look like small black berries, they can actually be quite poisonous according to many experts. That’s why people consume the leaves of this plant by boiling them in water to make kadha.  

Most commonly, black nightshade is known for its immunity boosting powers and pain-eliminating abilities since it reduces inflammation and swelling in the body. And a study published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition rectifies it as well. 

And so, we are presenting five health benefits of black nightshade that you must know about so that you can take better care of your health:

1. It helps you deal with body pain and period cramps
Period cramps and stomach infections are a part and parcel of our life. But instead of depending on painkillers, you can rely on makoy. Black nightshade has antipyretic agents, which are most commonly found in painkillers, which target the pain area and provide relief.

According to the above-mentioned study, this plant also helps in gastric pain. And if anyone is dealing with arthritis in your near and dear ones, then ensure that they consume a concoction made with this plant to deal with inflammation and morning stiffness.

2. Makoy kadha can help in the prevention of jaundice as well
The leaves of this plant are rich in antioxidants and help in strengthening the liver of a person consuming it on a regular basis. That’s why when someone is suffering from jaundice or any other liver disease then drinking the extracts of the black nightshade plant is advised for faster and better recovery.

3. If you are dealing with skin problems then you can apply a black nightshade face mask
Here too the antioxidants and antimicrobial properties of the plant have a major role to play. The therapeutic quality of makoy helps in regeneration of new skin cells which bestows you with ageless beauty. Also, people with skin problems, burns, and boils can apply a paste made with the leaves of this plant for a soothing effect. Also, if you have acne troubles, then too applying this face mask can also be of great help.

4. It can also help you treat UTIs
The phytochemicals and the antimicrobial properties of black nightshade make it a perfect fit for those who deal with recurring urinary tract infections. Consuming it increases vaginal secretion and urine output, which helps in flushing out the bacteria and virus growing inside your vulva.

5. It can also tame your panic
Black nightshade is diuretic in nature and that’s the reason why it can help you calm down in the most anxious situations. The oxidative quality of this plant keeps the oxygen levels high in your body so that the stressors can be kept in check.

But before you get your hands on this magical plant, we would like to give you a heads-up. We agree that there are a lot of health benefits of black nightshade but only when you consume it right. So, get in touch with your physician to know how you can reap the benefits of this plant.

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