Gallbladder problems? what to eat and what foods to avoid

The gallbladder is an organ that is responsible for releasing bile, a substance whose function is to mix with fats in the intestine so that they are absorbed.

Gallbladder problems? what to eat and what foods to avoid

That stones appear in the gallbladder or what is the same, gallstones, is much more common than is usually thought, since these are formed when the bile solidifies in the body and accumulates in the gallbladder, which it can happen from one moment to another.

The question is, why is this so common? And what can we do to remove gallstones? Next, we are going to detail the reasons why this health problem arises and some home remedies to combat it.

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Now, how do you know that you have gallstones? There are occasions when the stones are so small that they do not lead to any apparent symptoms that can scare you.

But, on the other hand, if the stones are large or have lodged in a canal, causing a blockage, the symptoms are the following: An unexpected severe pain that can lodge in the upper right part of the abdomen or in the central part, just below the breastbone. Back pain on the scapulae.

Pain in the right shoulder. If you notice some of these symptoms of gallstones, it is very important that you go to a specialist so they can analyze your situation. But, some of the home remedies and infusions that we are going to reveal below may also help you.

We must start from the basis that bile must be liquid in order to function correctly and absorb the nutrients that the body needs. The gallbladder where bile is stored is located just below the liver, if it becomes solid, this is where these small stones are created that can be very painful.

When there is pain in the gallbladder that is generated by the presence of stones, biliary sludge or inflammation, it is important to take some care in the diet, avoiding the consumption of foods high in fat, such as sausages, oils and fast foods.


In addition to consuming these foods, it is important to cook them on the grill or steam, because these are culinary preparations in which no fat is added to the food.


Gallbladder problems? what to eat and what foods to avoid / Pexels

To learn more about how diet can help relieve gallstone symptoms, watch the video below:

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