Forget about headaches with these tips you will not have anymore

They appear at any time, but in summer, with the effects of the sun, there are more. The good news is that your discomfort can be alleviated.

Forget about headaches with these tips you will not have anymore

High summer temperatures are often one of the triggers for headaches in people who are prone to them. But it is not only the heat: the greater intensity of light and a certain tendency to dehydration, as well as the habit of drinking very cold drinks, can cause them and even exacerbate your symptoms.

Forget about headaches with these tips you will not have anymore / Pexels

In winter we are usually more sheltered, but with good weather and long days we spend many more hours outdoors in the sun, thus increasing the risk of suffering from headaches. High temperatures cause dilation of the arteries, which carries the risk of headaches.

These, in addition to the headache, can be manifested along with other symptoms such as nausea, cramps, hypotension, blurred vision or fatigue. However, with these simple gestures you can prevent and minimize them:

Be aware of…

Forget about headaches with these tips you will not have anymore/ Pexels

… The sun in the eyes. Many headaches are caused by eye strain. Avoid strong sunlight or any strong light source.

… Intense physical exercise. Physical activity is better left for the early hours of the day or late in the afternoon, avoiding the central hours of the day, under high temperatures.

… Dehydration. It is also necessary to drink water and not take food whose temperature makes a big difference with that of our body, since cold stimuli can lead to these pains.

… the dream. In order not to alter the biorhythms, a good measure is to sleep the same number of hours a day because when changing them we secrete a substance in the hypothalamus that increases the pressure and, therefore, the headaches.

… Sudden pressure changes. Either diving or getting on a small plane, where the depressurization is greater. These two simple actions can also cause these headaches.

Home remedies

Make sure to keep your head covered whenever you leave the house during the brightest hours.

Dampen your forehead or neck with water and lie down in a dark place. This will reduce the pain. Get enough and good sleep in a ventilated place. But remember: oversleeping is bad too.

Exercise, as relaxing your muscles releases the tension that causes a migraine. Always have acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen on hand to reduce the intensity and duration of attacks.

Avoid dairy, chocolate, soy sauce, Chinese food (contains monosodium glutamate), light foods, refined white flours, sugar and alcohol, as these foods inflame certain brain areas and make it difficult to control headaches.

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