How to choose the perfect pet.

Due to the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, many people have decided to take a pet into their home.

Today we want to mention some tips to correctly choose the ideal pet for you.

Choose according to your availability.

 Count the hours per day that you have free and consider the attention your pet needs. "A cat requires less dedication than a dog, and even less do turtles, hamsters or parakeets" according to veterinarian Ayose Melián.

Choose the one that best represents you.

Your pet projects an image of yourself. Go for the one that best suits your way of being and your lifestyle.

Measure your space.

Animals need a place to live that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. Make sure your new partner will have a space to sleep, eat, play, etc.

Review your budget.

Feeding your pet and caring for it costs money, which can vary greatly depending on the animal. Take a look at the prices before you decide and you will avoid scares.

Think about your needs.

 Each type of pet best meets specific needs. For example, dogs can provide security, or the movement of fish is ideal to relax children.

Let yourself be advised.

Let yourself be advised by their experiences and discover how easy it is to meet people thanks to pets. Remember that there are many homeless pets and you could adopt some.

Learn about responsibilities.

 A pet is an excellent lesson in responsibility, especially for little ones. They should be made to understand that an animal is not a toy and its care will require sacrifices.

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