How to do Bhadrasana orThe Graceful Poseand what are its benefits?

Bhadrasana or the "butterfly pose" is an asana performed in yoga that is sometimes used as a meditation posture.

How to do Bhadrasana orThe Graceful Poseand what are its benefits?

If practiced correctly, it could, among other things: make the muscles and ligaments of the urogenital region more flexible, exercise the knee and hip joints, increase elasticity in the lumbar area and the pelvic floor (recommended for pregnant women), provide massage the abdominal organs.

It alsp reduce pressure on the spine and sciatica, prevent the formation of hernias in the lumbar area, combat constipation, stimulate the reproductive system, improve circulation in the legs, relieve accumulated fatigue in the muscles of the legs.

How to do Bhadrasana orThe Graceful Poseand what are its benefits? / Pexels

Bhadrasana or The Graceful Pose is a basic yoga pose suitable for beginners. It is very easy to practice and a great asana for meditation. With practice, everyone can hold the asana for long periods of time as it is comfortable and preferred by yogis and yogis over other asanas.

The name Bhadrasana is derived from Sanskrit, where "Bhadra" means "Auspicious" or "Throne" and "Asana" means "Pose" or "Posture". In the final position of Bhadrasana, the body looks very funny and that is why it is called The Graceful Pose.

Bhadrasana or The Graceful Pose is also called “the posture of blessing”. Bhadrasana or The Graceful Pose is one of the simplest of the seated postures in yoga. It is easy to do and can be done even by older people. But, people with serious knee or hip injuries should avoid practicing Bhadrasana or The Gracious Pose.

Bhadrasana or The Gracious Pose should be integrated into daily yoga practice. It is also said that Bhadrasana or the Graceful Pose activates the Muladhara chakra which helps us to connect with the world and helps us to solve all our worldly problems. Bhadrasana or The Gracious Pose is also very good for getting rid of pelvic pain.

It is considered one of the simplest postures in yoga and you can do it by following the following steps:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs extended, always keeping your back straight and your shoulders aligned with your hips.
  2. Bend your knees, bring the soles of your feet together, and bring them as close to your pelvis as possible.
  3. Make sure your sitting bones are in contact with the ground.
  4. Bring your chin slightly towards your chest.
  5. On the exhale, try to bring your knees closer to the ground, without forcing.
  6. You can help yourself by slightly squeezing your legs with your elbows.
  7. You can slightly open your feet helping yourself with your hands.
  8. Breathe long and deep, stay in the pose for a minimum of one minute.
  9. To come out of the pose, slowly stretch your legs forward and place your hands on the floor next to your hips.
  10. Rest your legs for a few seconds in this position and watch the effects.
How to do Bhadrasana orThe Graceful Poseand what are its benefits? / Pexels


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