Is better take a shower with hot or cold water?

People take a shower in the same way, but have you ever wondered what its benefits are?

Today we will explain you what are the advantages of bathing with hot and cold water. So, take note and reconsider what is better option!

If you are one of those who take a shower with hot water afterwards, here we bring you its advantages.

Promotes sleep

If you take a shower at night before sleeping, it helps the muscles relax and you can have a deeper sleep, which means that you can rest much better.

Cleanses toxins from the skin

By opening the pores of the skin, it also removes toxin from your body. This is especially important in women, as cellulite has been shown to be generated in part by the accumulation of toxins.


Steam and high temperatures are natural decongestants, so it helps us relieve symptoms of flu or nasal congestion.

Now, if you are one of those who always take a cold shower, these are its benefits

Increased energy

The water temperature helps awaken our senses and reflexes, thus increasing the amount of energy we release.

Help your breathing

Although the temperature of the cold water can create some agitation at first, breathing deeply and steadily makes this effect much less. This exercise is perfect to incorporate into your day-to-day life because your body handles better extreme or drastic situations, and your body also naturally adjusts to the temperature of cold water.

Improves the immune system

Bathing with cold water increases metabolic functions, which favors the increase of defenses and makes the body ready to fight against any foreign agent.

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