Keep an eye on this vitamins if you feel tired

If you don’t take your vitamins seriously, you might end up with fatigue and other health issues real soon.

Hey sleepy heads, we’ve got some news for you. If you still haven’t figured out why you feel tired all the time, then we’ve got some answers for you! Feeling fatigued means your body is deficient in certain vitamins, and a nutritionist agrees with us. 

Staying tired all the time signals vitamin deficiency.

Nutrients play a major role in providing you energy, and maintaining proper functions in your body. And if you don’t replenish them from time to time, then you just don’t lose out on your immunity, but also on your energy levels.

According to dietician and clinical nutritionist, Anshika Srivastava, if you’ve been feeling way too tired lately, then you might be deficient in some of the major vitamins. 

She explained that your body needs vitamins, because they convert energy from the food you eat. That means, if you are vitamin deficient, then of course, you’ll feel tired all the time because your food is not being converted properly, to keep you up and active.

Here are the four vitamins suggested by Ms Srivastava that are critical: 

1. B vitamins, especially B12
If you are low on this particular vitamin, then it will directly impact the health of your RBCs or red blood cells. Due to this, you can have problems like anaemia, and that leads to fatigue.

“If you talk about the natural sources of vitamin b12 then you’ve got eggs, fish, dairy, shiitake mushrooms, mutton, and chicken. For vegans, check with your doctor about B12 supplements” she suggests.

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2. Vitamin D
“Vitamin D is very important to boost your energy, and its intake is even more important in today’s time. This is because it also helps in enhancing immunity. If you lack in vitamin D, then a lot of other micronutrients and minerals don’t get absorbed in your body. And due to this you feel fatigued”, explains Ms Srivastava.

“You get a maximum amount of vitamin D from sunlight, so don’t forget to absorb sunlight for at least 15 – 20 minutes every day to replenish vitamin D in your body”, she adds.

3. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is another important nutrient not just for your immunity, but also for your overall well-being. This is because it is responsible for proper functioning of the cells in your body. Your body has millions of cells, and a healthy body is the one that generates healthy cells on a daily basis. Cells control the overall functioning of the body, and for that they take the help of vitamin C.

“Low levels of cells functioning will obviously slow your overall pace and that’s why tiredness will hit you hard”, explains Srivastava.

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4. Vitamin A
“Vitamin A is very important when it comes to muscle building, and if you have weak muscles, then of course you will feel fatigued,” she says.

She recommends you to eat carrots, spinach, sweet potato, mangoes, papaya, pistachio, etc. to keep your vitamin A levels in order.

“Another reason for fatigue, apart from your diet, can be lack of sleep, not following a proper routine, lack of physical activities, stress, and serious health issues which are unidentified. So, if you feel that even after eating all this, you are still low on energy, then you must visit a doctor without fail,” advises Srivastava.

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