Kiwi: its properties and health benefits are incredible

Kiwifruit, from China, has become an essential in greengrocers. With a characteristic flavor, kiwi has numerous properties that provide great health benefits.

Kiwi: its properties and health benefits are incredible

Kiwi is a berry from China that was introduced to the world market in the 70s. With a characteristic and powerful flavor, kiwi has some benefits and properties unknown to most of its consumers.

Kiwi: its properties and health benefits are incredible / Pexels

The main contribution of kiwi is vitamin C. The consumption of a single piece provides, according to Ana Molina Jiménez, licensed in Pharmacy and dietician and nutritionist in AM Nutrition Integral, 116% of the recommended daily amount, so with a single kiwi is obtained 100% necessary.

It contains remarkable amounts of vitamin K, potassium, folic acid, and fiber.

The nutritionist recommends taking the whole kiwi and not blended, because doing so "loses some of its properties", such as fiber. Therefore, he points out how important it is to consume the whole berry so as not to lose any of the benefits it brings to health.


Kiwi: its properties and health benefits are incredible / Pexels

1. Maintains a good intestinal transit

Kiwifruit has a moderate amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The first softens the stool and the second accelerates the passage of food through the intestine, in addition to adding bulk to the stool. The combination of both helps to maintain a good intestinal transit and avoid constipation.

Regarding the myth of taking a kiwi on an empty stomach to go to the bathroom, it is not true. According to Ana Molina, eating kiwi on an empty stomach will not accelerate the digestive process, although eating fruit with fiber does affect positively, whatever time it is.


2. The immune system

Kiwifruit, due to its high level of vitamin C, is a fantastic food to keep the immune system strong, especially for those who have come out of an operation or are convalescing. Thus, the expert recalls that proper nutrition is more important during convalescence than during illness.

3. The skin

The vitamin C that kiwi contains is also involved in the healing processes and, together with its antioxidants, help to "cushion the aging process", both internally and externally, of the skin, says the specialist.

4. Involved in coagulation processes

Just 100 grams of kiwi (one medium) provide half the recommended daily amount of vitamin K, a vitamin that is involved in the activation of clotting factors. In addition to this function, vitamin K also contributes to maintaining healthy and strong bones, indicates Ana Molina.

5. A source of folic acid

Kiwifruit provides a considerable amount of folic acid which, together with serotonin, has shown that the consumption of two kiwis before bed could improve the regulation and quality of sleep, although the specialist emphasizes that more studies are needed to demonstrate the total veracity of this benefit.

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