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Lemon, an authentic nutritional treasure

For many years natural ingredients have been used to help us heal symptoms of discomfort, relax, make us look better physically. Lemon is one of them. It has many properties that help us with many things, maybe you already know some, but if not, here you have several options.

Lemon, an authentic nutritional treasure

Lemon is a real nutritional treasure and very beneficial for our health. It is a curative fruit par excellence, because it provides us with vitamins, eliminates toxins and is a powerful bactericide, for which the WHO recommends its regular consumption.

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It is native to Southeast Asia, although it currently occurs in all tropical and temperate areas of the globe. The main producing country is Mexico followed by India, while Spain is the leading exporter of lemons and limes.

Lemon is a real nutritional treasure and very beneficial for our health.

The lemon tree blooms all year round and its varieties are classified according to the ripening time of their fruits. Lemons have many uses in the kitchen: they are used to season, to cook food or to make liquors. Its aroma and essence is used especially in confectionery and pastry.


Apply a little lemon juice all over your hair and massage gently. Lemon contains vitamins B, C and A which help to remove excess oil from the scalp and help clean the hair. This lemon treatment is excellent for people who have very oily scalps or whose hair looks dirty when clean.

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Lemon works wonders for people who have oily skin, a little lemon juice on the face will help you control oil or sebum and also prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples. If you feel like lemon juice is a bit harsh on your face, wash it down with some clean water.

Nail polishes usually stain our nails, making them yellowish, the same as what happens to us when you smoke. So to remove that tone, just soak your nails in lemon juice for a few minutes and it removes toxins from nail polish and tobacco.

Cut a lemon in half, and rub that half on your elbows, knees and armpits. If they are darkened, this will help to whiten and soften them. The lemon in the armpits also acts as a natural deodorant. Just remember to wash and rinse the lemon very well before going out in the sun, since exposing yourself to the sun can act the opposite. Preferably do this at night.

To remove dry skin from the lips, a spectacular and very easy exfoliator is with a little lemon and sugar. Just rub your lips together and massage gently until your lips feel soft. Then wash them and apply an lips humectanc.

Some research suggests that drinking water before meals can help keep weight in check. But is the effect greater if lemon is added? There is no scientific proof for this. Although there are those who argue that the acidic heat of lemon improves mood and consequently reduces the desire to eat to alleviate anxiety.


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