Pamper your heart with music and yoga

The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the point that fills our life with compassion, love, and beauty.

Using music for yoga helps improve mental focus, stay healthy in every way

Yoga is a practice that combines physical movements with meditative practices. The use of music for yoga helps improve mental concentration during meditation and reflection, as well as provide a tempo that can be followed to carry out free physical movement and flows through the various yoga positions.

While practicing yoga, the body and mind focus on meditation and deep breathing to relax. Different yoga practices have different approaches. A yoga meditation session can use meditation music to help improve the ability to meditate while doing yoga.

Using music for yoga helps improve mental focus, stay healthy in every way / Pexels

Listening to music can help you achieve a number of different states of meditation, depending on what the individual is focusing on. The use of music also helps to give a tempo and rhythm in which to advance in the different positions during the yoga session.

Driven by the principles of transformation and integration, the fourth energy center is said to unite earthly and spiritual aspirations. The essence of this chakra and how it unravels your energy to enrich your life.

When we have this chakra blocked, it is easily noticed. We literally feel pressure or knots in our chest. This translates into a closed behavior, they tend to talk less and enjoy less.

Body language also changes, we begin to stoop, we cross our arms, we try to hide from everyone.

Therefore, it is important to maintain this energy point. They all have the same importance, however, this is the one that can affect us the most in the aspect of how we relate to others and to ourselves.

Using music for yoga helps improve mental focus, stay healthy in every way / Pexels

Remember to accompany your practices with music, it is very beneficial and helps to release tension and return to harmony. Music can help center the mind so that the meditative state is more easily achieved.

External distractions that can prevent the entry of a deep state of meditation are removed to the use of music. This yoga music helps to facilitate the connection between the mind and the body so that the individual is able to reach a deeper level of reflection while doing yoga and meditation.

Here is a video for you to enjoy the practice that will bring light back to your heart.


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