Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): A new trend

After years of research, scientists have discovered that the best way to heal and regenerate damage in our bodies comes from a very known source, our own blood.

This new therapy is being used to treat conditions affecting joints, ligaments, muscles and even skin!

PRP is obtained from a blood sample and centrifuged

What is Platelet-rich plasma?

When we talk about plasma we mean the liquid portion of blood that mainly contains water and some proteins and works as a vehicule for different components (like red blood cells, white blood cells) allowing them to flow through the bloodstream. 

Platelets on the other hand are also found in blood but they are dedicated to control bleedings by creating clots to cover wounds and also activate other healing process in those injuries.

So, as its name implies, PRP is a concentration of plateletes obtained from the patient's own blood. This is done on a centrifuge and the result can be injected in many parts of the body to begin restauration thanks to plasma's properties of activating growth factors that will regenerate tissues.

What uses does it has?

It can be used to treat many degenerative conditions in knees, elbows, shoulder where there is pain and movement range is compromised.

In dermatology is used to create more collagen and improve scars, which will give a better look. 

In muscular injuries it can be very helpful by mimicking the inflamation process acting faster in the healing process. 

Is it safe?

Although is hasn't been approved by the FDA, many doctor around the world are using for being a natural-sourced therapy which prevents from serious adverse reactions typical in medication use, and have had incredible results in patients treated.

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